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Sassy Lash - Eyelash extension in Tustin, CA 92780
Sassy Lash - Eyelash extension in Tustin, CA 92780
Sassy Lash - Eyelash extension in Tustin, CA 92780
Sassy Lash - Eyelash extension in Tustin, CA 92780



SASSY LASH has been serving lash extension services to Orange County, Riverside and Los Angeles residences since 2005. Leading the Sassy Lash team is a highly trained professional lash extension trainer with over a decade of experience in lash extension services as well as training for most major successful lash companies across USA.

At Sassy Lash you can expect the finest quality of designer lashes and application techniques. All of our lash professionals have been highly trained to give you the most perfected set of lashes, one lash at a time.

Escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation with Doterra essential oil treatments, Eyelash Extension Specialists will do our best to perfectly transform your natural lashes into designer lashes that reach far beyond your expectations.


We are a team of CERTIFIED and STATE-LICENSED Lash technicians dedicated to serving and educating you in everything that you need to know to keep your lashes healthy and strong for many years to come. Whether you are interested in getting lash extensions done by Sassy Lash professionals or presently having problems with lash extensions done somewhere else, you should spend time educating yourself by reading through all the materials presented to you on our website. The information provided is very crucial for lash clients who want to protect themselves from having bad experiences that ruined their own natural lashes. Not only are we highly trained to provide lash services but we are also highly trained in fixing damaged lashes.


  • We are highly trained experts in the application of eyelash extension.
  • We are highly trained to fix ugly, damaged, clusters and clumpy lashes.
  • We design each set of lashes to cater to each client’s individual and unique style and personality.


We are highly trained to provide first-class services in the most advanced Eyelash Extension techniques known today.

  • The CLASSIC LASH technique is still favorite for all clients who prefer natural looking one on one lash application.
  • The VOLUME LASH technique originated in Russia and is the latest in Advanced Lash Techniques. This multi-lash technique involves adhering freshly made fanned out synthetic, ultra-fine lashes ranging from .05mm to .10mm thick lashes onto ONE SINGLE natural lash. ---The greatest benefit of Volume Lash is to give clients a fuller, fluffier, glamorous look that Classic Lash can’t deliver.

Volume Lash lasts almost twice as long as classic lashes due to the way they are applied to one single natural lash and the amount of lashes put on one single natural lash.

Volume 3D-6D lashes can create the fullest and lightest lash sets using .05, .07 and 10 mm extensions by applying 300-600 lashes per eye.

WARNING: This technique can only be applied by highly trained lash professional. If the volume lash technique is applied by untrained lash technician, the result will be clumped, crisscrossed, heavy, gapped, damaged sets of lashes.

Don’t leave your appearance to just any salon. You deserve the best! Schedule your appointment with SASSY LASH today. 714-932-2644

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