Sassy Lash: Expert Microblading Services

Sassy Lash: Expert Microblading Services

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual method of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. The pigment color is applied with a thin blade beneath the basal membrane, which divides the epidermis from the dermis. The result is very natural-looking eyebrows.

The Microblading method is very precise and artistic. The idea comes from tattooing, but it differs in equipment, tools, technique, pigments, and the depth of the pigment infusion into the skin. The Micro-bladed eyebrows look so natural that they do not distinguish from natural ones. What makes this method unique is that there is no spilling of strokes under the skin, but they stay in the form of drawn hair.

A woman getting her eyebrows threaded by an esthetician.

Reasons Why People Choose Microblading

  • Each hair stroke on the missing part of your eyebrow is stroked in individually, thus achieving a 100% natural look
  • Save time so you don’t have to draw your eyebrows every morning
  • You can have perfect eyebrows when you are swimming, at the gym, when you sleep, and waking up in the morning
  • The end result is adjusted to match your hair, skin tone, facial, and eyebrow structure to enhance your natural beauty
  • You will improve your self-confidence knowing that you always have perfect eyebrows.

Microblading Procedure

The procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours. The hair stroking takes about 1 hour, while the rest of the time is spent on designing, calculating the eyebrows’ symmetry, choosing the pigment color, and initial shaping of the brows with a pencil.

To preserve the beauty of natural hairs, your hair is not plucked or shaved before the procedure. Only the hairs that are not into the desired shape are removed, the rest is filled in with hair strokes to form the desired shape.

After the procedure, there is no swelling, and eventual skin redness disappears in around 30 minutes. The procedure is almost painless. First, the epithelial surface is scratched, and then the light anesthetic is used to apply on top of the scratched skin.

After the procedure, you get the aftercare instructions. Following proper after care instructions will ensure a longer duration of the pigment.

A touch-up procedure should be performed one month after the treatment to enhance the color. The touch-up includes examining the hair strokes and re-stroking the hairs if necessary.

We suggest refreshing the pigment once a year to refresh the color.

A woman getting her eyebrows tattooed with pink gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent makeup is done by using a permanent makeup machine. Microblading is a manual method of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing by applying pigment with a thin blade beneath the basal membrane, which divides the epidermis from the dermis. Microblading provides the possibility of drawing thinner hairs, and there is no spilling of hair strokes under the skin. This procedure requires refreshment of the pigment or hair stroke intensity once a year. It is possible to make smaller corrections to the eyebrow shape and color.

Microblading is great for people who want their natural eyebrows to look neat and groomed, but due to various reasons, they have lost their natural eyebrows, people who draw their eyebrows every day, or those who just want to reshape their eyebrows.

Existing natural hairs will not be shaved or removed. They are even more desirable to blend in with the stroked hairs, providing a more natural look. Only the hairs that are not in the desired shape are to be removed.

The shape is determined according to the golden ratio, the arcade height, the distance between eyes, physiognomy, and facial structure. The color is chosen to match the existing natural hair or the natural hair color.

Symmetry is determined by measuring several facial features. The symmetry must be measured when the facial muscles are relaxed, and the eyes are closed. When the eyes are open, some facial muscles are not relaxed, therefore will affect the outcome of the eyebrow design. Over two hundred muscles influence our facial expression, so it is important that the muscles are relaxed when determining symmetry. The symmetry measurement is of key significance for performing hair stroke treatment.

When observing scientific investigations and artworks, we can see that artists, scientists, and designers based their works on the starting proportion so-called “golden ratio.”

All forms created in nature (plants, animals, insects, or people) are designed in the golden proportion, which amounts to 1.618 ratios.

The golden ratio of the human body is the ideal proportion (M/m=1.618) between different parts of the average human body. This should be taken into consideration when drawing eyebrows and forming their shape.

In theory, the pigment can last 3–5 years, but there are three major factors that influence the durability of the colors. They can be classified as Internal, external, and Human Factors. Due to these factors, pigment refreshing is recommended once a year.

Pigment durability depends on the skin type and aftercare. The durability of the pigment also depends on sebum ejaculation (for the mixed and oily skin type, the procedure is completed only after one touch-up or rarely two because this type of skin does not absorb the pigment as easily as dry and normal skin), hormonal imbalance, inadequate nutrition, stress, sun exposure, and solarium, using the creams with active ingredients, various abrasive face treatments, using laser, using inadequate powder or existing permanent makeup which is more or less fade. Also, the durability of the pigment depends on the severity of the skin disorder, whether the skin is problematic or prone to acne and inflammation, or the eyebrows are afflicted with seborrheic dermatitis or keratosis.

No, it is desirable to have as many natural hairs as possible so that the stroked hairs blend in with natural hairs and provide a natural look. If a client does not have his natural eyebrows, hairs are stroked to look entirely natural.

The process of microblading lasts about 2 to 3 hours. The majority of the time is dedicated to the micro-blading assessment, choosing the eyebrow shape, pigment color, and eyebrow design.

The procedure is almost painless. First, the epithelial surface is scratched, and then the light anesthetic is used to apply on top of the scratched skin. The procedure is painful as plucking the hairs when shaping the eyebrows.

Pigment refreshing is a touch-up when the pigment of the stroked hairs can be intensified, and the shape and color of eyebrows can be partly modified. Pigment refreshing should be done once a year.

Post-procedure care includes eyebrow care several days after the procedure (pigment duration of 80%, depending on proper aftercare and skin type). Sun exposure, sauna, solarium, and swimming pool should be avoided, and makeup around the eyebrows, especially powder, is not allowed ten (10) days after the procedure. Aftercare cream should be applied to the eyebrows several times a day, as it is recommended for a long duration of the pigment.

Microblading is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes, inflammatory skin diseases nor have seborrheic dermatitis in the eyebrow area, people who use drugs for blood dissolution, also with people suffering from keloids, people in late pregnancy, and people who are not sure if they really want the procedure. Microblading is also not recommended for people with oily skin.